"Tattoo-isms" Shop Signs

Ink & Dagger has teamed up with our favorite designer Two Arms to bring you the "Tattoo-isms" shop signs. These four designs are now available as a limited edition screen-print set. They are printed on heavy weight Kraft Chipboard.

The set includes the following signs: 

Bold Will Hold (14"X5.5")- This is the mantra of the classic tattoo aesthetic. 

There is No Ointment for a Missed Appointment (11"X14")- Where are you sticking that un-lubricated finger? 

More Black (5.5"X14")- What every tattoo needs.

All Aboard the Pain Train (11"X14")- Anyone who's been tattooed before knows about riding the pain train. 

We are pleased to offer these 4 signs together for only $49.99.